Why Do I Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Saturday, May 02, 2015
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Everything that has a motor must be insured. Commercial truck no different. But what kind of commercial truck insurance is best for you and why is it important?

Commercial truck driving is a lucrative business. One may work for a large company or become independent contractors and work for hire. Truckers can work alone or in groups, as well. There are several types of insurance plans for a commercial truck driver. Coverage of the most important motors are the main obligations, which may include drivers across national borders. The main obligation is required for all drivers. Tractor-trailer needs to be, at least, $ 750,000 in operational scope. In the case of an accident, the type of coverage is used to cover property damage and bodily harm. Individual driving record, desired coverage, and the types of business operations can determine the premium.

Motor truck cargo insurance is another type of special protection for the for-hire truckers. It is intended to liability in case your luggage is lost or damaged due to fire, collision, or the striking burden. It also includes the elimination of debris and extraction of pollutants from the road and the water. When you buy a policy, you set a limit. It is not legally required, but the company you work for may request that you get it. Types of vehicles covered by this protection, including dump trucks, box trucks, cement mixers, cargo van, and car haulers. It does not include garbage trucks, limousines, hearses, buses, passenger vans, or trucks ice cream. Vehicles carrying goods related to pharmaceuticals, animal life, and art items are also not covered.

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Insurance can be purchased either individually or through an employer. It can be issued to you on the same day. It could also take up to a week, depending on the log cases and the information needed to proceed. Not having insurance for a moving vehicle can have negative consequences for the driver, from prison to a suspended license.

Payments are also accepted in various forms, particularly checking, credit cards, and money orders. Some can be paid over the phone, online, or by mail. Check with your insurance carrier on what types of payment accepted, how they are received, and if there is a fee to pay for the commercial truck insurance by phone or online, because some may charge a nominal fee.

Whoever you get your coverage from, make sure they are reputable. Wondered with other trucking companies, check out other customers' reviews, Better Business Bureau, and state institutions. Choose a company that has grown over the years and are willing to grow with you and guide you through the process. More importantly, choose a company that, preferably, specializing in truck and fleet insurance. Which can make a difference for the purposes of a claim!
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